Rina Nose talks about body immunity during COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of the increasingly massive spread of coronavirus in Indonesia, the community must have awareness and efforts to improve the body immunity system. Well, Indonesian celebrity Rina Nose recently spoke about it.

Indeed, at this time Indonesia has implemented The New Normal, in other words the community can carry out activities as usual. However, what is noted is that it still adheres to the health procedures established by the government.

The use of face masks, keeping a distance, diligently washing hands and of course maintaining health must still be done. Rina Nose herself has also carried out activities again claiming she is not afraid of the coronavirus.

However, the 36-year-old woman still feels wary of the threat of this coronavirus.

“Not afraid, yes, but must be careful. Not excessive fear, because it will not solve the problem too,” said Rina.

Furthermore, Rina Nose considered that the people actually returned to their normal activities not because they were not afraid of coronavirus. They only believe in the strength of the immune system which ultimately suggests it really increases their immune system.

“In my opinion, their suggestion is stronger to their endurance. It’s not a matter of being brave or not brave, but they have a mindset that doesn’t overwhelm them and eventually become immune to themselves, “said Rina.

Before The New Normal was implemented, the community was indeed asked to conduct an independent quarantine at home. For a Rina Nose, this is not a burden at all, because so far she is more active at home.

“Actually my activities so far have been like that. There is a prohibition on leaving the house before they are used to being at home. In the past, if you didn’t work at home, it wouldn’t change too much, “she explained.

As for the matter of recommendation to maintain cleanliness, Rina admitted that she was already familiar because since she was a child, she had indeed received the recommendation from her parents.

“Just standards. From the first if you were asked to keep it clean it was maintained. That was the teachings of my mother as a child, “concluded Rina.

Penulis: | 9 Juli 2020 | blog