Rihanna ‘enlivens’ the 2019 Cricket World Championship with her sexy looks

The world’s top actress and singer, Rihanna once again stole the public’s attention at the moment of the Cricket World Championship event held in Durham, England. Nobody expected if Chris Brown’s ex-lover came to the match on Monday, 1 July 2019 along with her friend.

Rihanna’s presence clearly shocked the audience in the stadium, and was no different from the audience, the same thing was shown by the sexy singer when a handsome man named Mr. Eastwick came to her in VVIP stands.

This moment immediately made emotional Rihanna and hugged the man tightly in the black eye with the blue clothes. According to various sources, the old man is Rihanna’s former teacher. Mr. Eastwick was very different, not only as a teacher, but in Rihanna’s eyes he was like his own father.

“When I was in school, he was my teacher. He is a teacher and father for me. We haven’t met for years, “said Rihanna.

This rare and beautiful moment does not want to be wasted by Rihanna by capturing it on her social media account.

“My minister, my champion, my MVP, the school teacher, “JayBrown” was my first,” Rihanna wrote on her personal Instagram account.

Rihanna’s situation is now clearly different, now she has settled in London, England. If we see how to get along, then Rihanna can be said to have participated in the culture of Queen Elizabeth. One sport that is famous in England is none other than cricket.

Probably arguably by chance Rihanna also attended the 2019 Cricket world championship, and openly supported the West India team. The signal of Rihanna’s presence in this tournament was actually seen, where before one day the match was held, Rihanna uploaded her picture while wearing a top West India.

Interestingly, when the match began which showed West India against Sri Lanka, Rihanna and her colleagues seemed enthusiastic about encouraging her favorite team. Shouting Rihanna in the Cricket World Cup clearly attracted a lot of attention from the audience, not only that, the way how she dress up also attracted a lot of attention.

It can be seen if Rihanna looks very sexy with all-white clothing plus black glasses, and the most interesting is the clothes worn by Rihanna shows that she is not wearing a bra.

This appearance reinforces Rihanna’s big name as an entertainer, even when the conversation still occurs because Rihanna often looks without a bra in public.

Penulis: | 11 Juli 2019 | wags