Rider that Dovizioso “afraid” the most in MotoGP 2020

Fabio Quartararo may lead the MotoGP standings this season, but it is not the French rider that Andrea Dovizioso is afraid of. Then who?

The competition in MotoGP this season is indeed very tight. Either because of the evenly distributed motorbike technology, the equal ability of the riders or the absence of the defending champion, Marc Marquez.

What is clear, the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team Rider, Fabio Quartararo is currently at the top of the standings.

Andrea Dovizioso himself admitted that the 21-year-old rider deserves to be watched out for. However, the Ducati Corse racer said that Rider Suzuki Elcstar, Joan Mir was more frightening and more cautious.

“Quartararo and Yamaha are strong, but to be honest in terms of the Mir and Suzuki championships, it is more competitive,” said Dovizioso quoted from GPOne.

For information, Joan Mir is currently in 2nd place in the MotoGP standings. In that position, the 23-year-old racer is only eight points behind the top, who is none other than Fabio Quartararo.

No wonder many people predict that the two riders will be competing for the title at the end of this season.

Meanwhile, Andrea Dovizioso himself previously topped the standings. But after the Catalunya GP last weekend, the Ducati rider was left out to 4th place with 24 points adrift of the top.

Naturally, Dovizioso is the rider who finished last in the race yesterday.

Despite being thrown far enough, Dovizioso admitted that he did not lose confidence in his chance to become world champion this season.

“Any facts can happen during the competition to help me to think positively,” said Dovizioso.

It’s just that, the 34-year-old rider admits that he needs to be more consistent and even faster if he wants to become world champion.

“The main problem is I have to hurry and so far I have very rarely experienced it,”

“On paper the championship is now more difficult, because there are riders above me in the standings who are faster and more consistent than me,” concluded Dovizioso.

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