Richard Kyle finally spoke up after being rumored has a new girlfriend

The handsome model from Indonesia, Richard Kyle has been accused of having a new lover after being separated from Jessica Iskandar or Jedar.

The rumor emerged after Richard Kyle’s upload on Instagram some time ago. Jedar’s ex-fiance was seen in a flower garden with a woman named Putty Erwina.

Interestingly, on the other hand, Putty Erwina also uploaded similar posts on her Instagram and even uploaded a video in Tiktok being with Richard Kyle.

No doubt, the netizens assumed that the woman who was being towed by Richard Kyle was his new lover.

When asked this through the YouTube Channel Melaney Richardo, Richard Kyle claimed to be surprised, because the news could be this excited.

“Well, I didn’t expect it would be like this,” said Richard Kyle to Melaney Ricardo.

However, Richard could ensure that he had no special relationship with Putty Erwina, even he did not know the woman.

“Actually, what relationship do you have with Kyle and Putty Erwina?” Melaney asked.

“I don’t know her,” answered Richard Kyle.

It was explained that Putty Erwina was just another visitor to the flower garden who asked for a photo and Tiktok with her. Even after that, Putty just left.

“So she did join the group when he was in Banyuwangi. She was the secretary of somebody else, who was there too. Well, that morning she asked TikTok, so I may have finished asking for the TikTok video, she just left like that. Then, she said thank you,” explained Richard Kyle at length.

Richard himself was amused when he heard the chatter of citizens who called himself having an affair from Jedar.

“Yes, I laugh at that time,” said Richard Kyle again.

Elsewhere, Putty Erwina also provided a similar clarification. She asserted that there was no special relationship between him and Richard Kyle.

In fact, Putty admitted that she was completely wrong, because every post on Social Media was always responded cynically by Citizens.

“What’s wrong with make a story of food or place? So what should I do?” said Putty Erwina.

As is known, the couple of Jedar and Richard Kyle recently had indeed officially separated.

Penulis: | 4 Agustus 2020 | blog