Revealed! This is the reason why Barcelona released Ivan Rakitic

Ivan Rakitic is one of the players confirmed to be on the club’s list in the transfer market next summer. The Croatian may be disappointed at being ‘dumped’ by Barcelona, ​​but apparently there is a reason behind the policy.

Rakitic’s sales plan turned out to be related to Barcelona’s failure in the European Champions League last season.

As is known, at that time Barcelona was very close to the Champions League final, but their efforts were thwarted by Liverpool. Winning 3-0 in the semifinal first leg at Camp Nou, Barca then did not move and lost 0-4 when they travel to Anfield in the second leg.

Well, Barcelona players should have stayed at home, lamenting the failure, but not with Ivan Rakitic. The Croatian midfielder reportedly went straight to the Spanish Annual Festival, Feria de Sevilla.

The player’s attitude is said to make the other Barcelona players feel disappointed, because that way Rakitic did not consider the defeat as frustration.

“Nobody likes it. At the time, the last thing we needed was a photo of one of us at Sevilla, “one Barca player told his agent, quoted by Sport.

Had a reply from Ivan Rakitic’s representative, he asked coach Ernesto Valverde to determine whether his client was to blame or not.

However, Barcelona officials reportedly were already disappointed. No one would have thought that after such an embarrassing defeat, the midfielder still planned to take a day off and join in celebrating the annual festival.

Because of this, Rakitic’s relationship with club officials has deteriorated since then. He also began to lose his position in the first team, ignored in the dressing room until at its peak no longer had the support of Barcelona fans.

Rakitic apologized for his behavior, but he remained adamantly innocent.

“I don’t mind apologizing. However, I am a father and husband, for me family is the most important. I went to Sevilla to spend time with them, “he stressed.

Later, Rakitic was associated with a number of clubs, including Atletico Madrid and Juventus.

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