Revealed! Sir Alex ever planned to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson has indeed tried to repatriate the Portuguese mega star Cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago. More than that, he does not even plan to leave his career as coach of Manchester United.

This newly revealed fact was explained by Patrice Evra, one of Fergie’s favorite defenders at Manchester United. The manager told the French player that he would postpone his retirement decision and even stay at Old Trafford for the next 10 years.

Fergie’s main target at that time was to lead Manchester United to win the European Champions League title for the third time under his direction. To realize these targets, he plans to repatriate Ronaldo, then recruit Gareth Bale.

“At that time he said ‘Patrice, I would never retire. I will be here in 10 years.’ He then said ‘My target is I am 99 percent sure I will have Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. ”

“I only need those two players to win the Champions League again, 99 percent,” recalled Patrice Evra on the Manchester United Podcast

Two weeks after saying this to Evra, Ferguson decided to retire. His decision was very surprising the football public.

Evra himself has confirmed Fergie’s words to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Mega star of Portugal admitted it, even he was willing to return to Old Trafford.

“To be honest, when I spoke with Cristiano, I asked him and he said yes to the Boss, and would join United. He said that, “explained Evra.

It’s just that, in the end Cristiano Ronaldo chose to stay at the Santiago Bernabeu, after Real Madrid officially fired Jose Mourinho from the coach’s chair. At the same time, Gareth Bale also landed at the Spanish club after being redeemed from Tottenham for 100 Million Euros.

So, did Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision make Fergie finally decide to retire? Can be. But clearly, the departure of the legendary manager has left a big hole for Manchester United.

Until now, the Red Devils have never won the Premier League and European Champions League titles again.

Penulis: | 6 Mei 2020 | blog