Revealed! Marc Marquez was the reason why Stoner left Honda

The 2007 and 2011 World Champion, Casey Stoner decided to leave as a Honda test in 2015 ago. The man from Australia revealed that at that time, Marc Marquez did not want his presence in the middle of the paddock team.

Casey Stoner decided to retire from the racing circuit since 2012 ago. In the same year the former Ducati rider received a proposal from Honda to become a test rider to a single wing manufacturer.

Entering its third year or in 2015, Stoner decided to leave Honda. At that time, no one really knew the reason why Stoner had decided to leave Honda, even though there were no problems in performance.

It was only in a recent interview opportunity, the man from Australia revealed the reasons behind his decision.

Stoner revealed that the young Repsol Honda Team rider Marc Marquez did not want his presence there.

“As you know, I had a special role in Ducati. I tried it at Honda, but it was kind of pushed aside as the arrival of the young rider (Marquez), who didn’t want me around him! ” said Stoner in the ‘Under The Visor’ session.

Shortly after leaving Honda, Stoner decided to return to the arms of his former team, Ducati Corse by returning to work as a test rider. But three years later, he left because he felt his advice was ignored by the engineers and technicians who worked.

“I know what the riders want, we are working very well. Unfortunately, they cannot always speak up. Some manufacturers do look at the data and only see what they want to believe is the right direction, and that’s not always right for riders, “he continued.

Since leaving Ducati, Stoner has never been involved in Paddock again. Now two years have passed, the 34-year-old man claimed to plan to get involved again, but maybe not in the near future.

“I may have to wait for this chronic fatigue to pass first, so that later I can give more than I can now.

I am determined to overcome all this. But to be honest, I really want to be more involved and see what the future can happen in MotoGP, “he concluded.

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