Revealed, Kaka actually didn’t want to leave AC Milan!

AC Milan fans may still be disappointed with Ricardo Kaka’s decision to move to Real Madrid in 2009. However, recently the legend revealed that in fact he did not want to leave the San Siro.

For information, Kaka initially joined the Rossoneri in the summer of 2003 ago. His presence at the Italian club then immediately gave a big impact. In fact, it can be said that Kaka reached the peak of his career with AC Milan.

He won a lot of success with the Rossoneri, including winning the European Champions League title in 2007 and winning Ballon d’Or in the same year.

In 2009, Real Madrid came and offered 67 million euros to take Kaka away from the San Siro. The proposal is then accepted, and the person concerned plays for Real Madrid.

Kaka’s decision to leave AC Milan at that time left a heavy sense of disappointment among the fans. Because, not long ago, the Rossoneri experienced a downturn that still continues to this day.

Some say that Kaka’s departure was none other than the financial crisis experienced by AC Milan. But apparently not the case, even the club got a higher offer from Manchester city.

This was revealed by the player’s Transfer Agent, Gaetano Paolilo.

“If it all depends on Milan, they will certainly accept an offer of 100 million euros from Manchester City, but Kaka absolutely refused,”

“Every year, Real Madrid asks if Kaka can be bought, but Milan always thinks he has never been sold and he also wants to survive. That’s the plan, “Paolilo told

So, is Real Madrid’s offer more tempting for the player? Apparently not really. In 2009, Milan did plan to sell Kaka, and Real Madrid was the best option at the time.

“But the club put it in the transfer market and at that time Real Madrid was a good option. It was also not a request from Galliani, he loved Ricky, “concluded the agent.

Unfortunately, Kaka’s career at Real Madrid was not as brilliant as at AC Milan.

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