Reportedly broken up with Jedar, Richard Kylie has another woman?

Lately, the couple of Jedar and Richard Kyle became citizens’ hot topic after the news circulated that both of them canceled a wedding.

It was reported that Jessica Iskandar had indeed officially parted ways with her Caucasian boyfriend, Richard Kyle. When the news was still hot, new gossip emerged about Richard Kyle holding a new woman.

This was revealed from the upload of the handsome model on his personal Instagram. Through IG Stories, Richard appeared to be in a flower garden, believed to be the Tamansuruh Agro Tourism, Banyuwangi.

Interestingly, in that post, Richard Kyle was not alone, but accompanied by a woman. The woman is known as Putty Erwina, where through her Instagram account, she also uploaded the same post with Richard Kyle.

Not long after, Putty’s splashy post on TikTok, she uploaded a video containing together with Richard Kyle. Even this video circulates on Lambe Turah’s Instagram gossip account.

No doubt, this upload triggered various comments from Netizens. Some of them blasphemed Richard Kyle.

“So he is cheating?” account comments @ kmfffio_99.

“Ooh there is another woman,” said the @limvallenhardiman account.

But not a few also defend Richard Kyle and Putty Erwina, because maybe they have family relations.

“Even though it’s crowded there, it’s not alone, netijen is excited,” said @ o_yega.

“Om kale,” said @durianpancakesby.

Until this news was revealed, there has been no clarification or response from both Richard Kyle and Putty Erwina regarding comments from netizen.

What is clear, Richard Kyle reportedly failed to marry Jessica Iskandar, this was also confirmed by Jedar when he became a guest star on YouTube Channel Maia Estianty.

In her statement, Jedar admitted that his son, El Barrack felt lost the figure of Richard Kyle who had been very close.

“If the name of the child is definitely lost anyway. El Barack that I saw when there was and did not exist, yes there are differences like for example, he became more quiet,” Jessica said in the video.

Only, Jedar has not explained the reason why he and Richard finally decided to break up.

Penulis: | 30 Juli 2020 | blog