Relationship between Salah and Mane have no impact to Liverpool

Recently, reports emerged that Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah had a close relationship. However, Peter Crouch considers it’s a normal, because being close to each other should have no effect on team performance.

Over the last few years, the two players from the African continent have been Liverpool’s two main bombers. Even though, they have many similarities, the two do not seem very close, either on the field or in ordinary life.

In fact, it was recently stated that their relationship had been strained, wherein Sadio Mane was caught angry, because the Egyptian attacker was not sent a pass.

Well, after the match against Crystal Palace yesterday, their relationship was back in the spotlight. How come? Sadio Mane looked cursed when coach Jurgen Klopp pulled him out and brought in Mo Salah.

Regarding this, one of the former Liverpool mainstay attackers, Peter Crouch spoke up. According to him, it is very normal when two players in one team are not close, especially if each has a big ego to score goals.

However, Crouch cannot dismiss the fact that currently Mo Salah has a bigger ego to score goals than Mane.

“Liverpool have won everything over the last two years and I hope they maintain the Premier League too, given the performance they have achieved. But don’t kid yourself that there is no competition between Salah and Mane. ”

“Every forward is selfish and both want to score as many goals as possible – Salah, in particular, seems to be obsessed with the numbers now,” Crouch told the Daily Mail.

Regardless, Crouch believes that whether or not the players in the team should be close or not have any effect on their performance, as long as there is no conflict.

“Are he and Salah best friends? I doubt that. But it doesn’t matter, ”

“I’ve had a fellow striker who I know never liked me. That never prevented me from continuing my work,” explained Crouch.

So far, Salah has scored 13 goals in all competitions, while Mane has only collected five of them.

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