Regarding Conte’s middle finger gestures, here’s the reaction of Juventus President

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli finally spoke about the hot moments that had occurred in the duel against Inter Milan some time ago, especially the middle finger gesture made by former Bianconneri coach Antonio Conte against him.

Previously, it should be noted that Juventus and Inter Milan had indeed dueled twice in a week to play two legs of the Coppa Italia semifinals.

The first leg duel at the Giuseppe Meazza was won by Juventus with a final score of 1-2, while the duel in the second leg at Allianz Stadium ended with a score on glasses. Juventus also advanced to the final round.

However, the hot moment did indeed color the second leg match which began with coach Antonio Conte’s excessive protest against the referee’s performance.

At that time, from Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci and President Andrea Agnelli who then attacked Conte for being too excessive in protesting the referee.

What is in the spotlight is the attitude of President Andrea Agnelli, because from the replay it appears that the number one at Juventus said harsh words.

While talking about the matter, Agnelli revealed that at that time he was too excited so his attitude went too far.

“Every now and then our spirit of work makes us exceed the limits of good behavior,” said Agnelli as quoted by Football Italia.

Furthermore, Agnelli then talked about the gesture of the middle finger that Antonio Conte made to him.

Yes, Conte who is a former successful Juventus coach has indeed worked as Inter Milan coach since last season. In the replays, it was clear that the former Chelsea coach had pointed his middle finger at Andrea Agnelli.

Regarding this, Agnelli was not angry or felt insulted by Conte, who is actually a former Juventus player and coach. He even took it as a form of affection for the Bianconneri.

“That [sticking out middle finger] is a form of compassion,” Agnelli said.

In fact, Conte himself has also apologized to Juventus and Andrea Agnelli for his attitude. He admits that he often gets provoked by emotions and acts like that.

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