Refused to wear surgical masks, this bodybuilder killed due to Coronavirus

Corona virus is epidemic everywhere, so the use of masks is recommended when leaving the house, of course, in addition to a healthy lifestyle. Not wearing a mask can be fatal, as experienced by a bodybuilder from China recently.

Qui Jun, 72-year-old grandfather is known as one of the former bodybuilders. As an athlete, the grandfather’s lifestyle is certainly healthy. Only, he seemed ignorant when his family asked him to wear a mask when going out.

Sure enough, the ignorant attitude also ended fatal. Qiu Jun had to die because he was infected with the Coronavirus.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the bodybuilder actually lives in the center of the spread of the virus from Wuhan, in the Center of China. Unfortunately, after four days of being treated at the hospital, Qiu Jun breathed his last.

For information, Qiu Jun is one of the bodybuilders who is quite famous in the past. He decided to retire when he was 56 years old. Even so, Qiu Jun is known by his family as someone who maintains a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, he often does some extreme sports for a 72 year old grandfather, such as Pull Up and Sit Up. But he was careless, he still practices it even though the city of Wuhan is being isolated because of this Corona virus outbreak.

His son-in-law Qui Jun, Hai, revealed that his in-laws were stubborn. He always refused to use masks when going out to eat with family.

“He is very stubborn. When the new corona virus spreads, the three of us go out to eat, and we take the disease very seriously, “Hai said.

“What will happen will be. Nobody wore a mask, what would happen if I wear a mask, “Hai said, imitating Qiu’s answer.

Shortly after that indifferent attitude, Qiu Jun then experienced a high fever. After the fever did not go down, he was taken to the hospital and confirmed Corona virus since February 2 last.

He was in the isolation room, unfortunately his grandfather’s body was not strong enough to fight the ferocious virus.

Penulis: | 12 Februari 2020 | blog