Record points in the Premier League? Here’s Jurgen Klopp’s answer…

Liverpool are now only eight points adrift of the record 100 points in the Premier League, so what does manager Jurgen Klopp say about it?

Previously, the Marseyside team was considered to have no more desire to win after officially sealing the championship trophy this season. This assumption arises after Jurgen Klopp’s troops were defeated by Manchester City some time ago.

But in the next two matches, Liverpool won consecutive wins, including the 3-1 win over Brighton and Hove Albion at dawn earlier this morning (09/07). The victory seemed to silence the previous assumption.

In addition, thanks to the victory Liverpool are also getting closer to the new record. Currently, the Reds have collected 92 points from 34 matches.

In other words, if you succeed in winning the remaining four matches and scoring a total of 12 points, Liverpool will collect 104 points when the competition ends. The number of points will be a new record in the history of the Premier League.

For information, so far the most point record in the history of the English Premier League is still in the grip of Manchester City. When they won the 2017/18 season, they successfully collected 100 points.

Indeed, the number of points does not mean anything, but at least it is increasingly emphasized that this 2019/20 season is indeed Liverpool’s season. But coach Jurgen Klopp actually claimed not to set certain targets before the campaign ended.

“What can I say? I think of our next four opponents and imagine we will get 12, 10, or how many points? I never did that, “Klopp said at

Not without reason, according to Klopp, three of the four remaining matches that Liverpool will play are fairly heavy. They will face Burnley, Arsenal, Chelsea and finally there is Newcastle United.

“I cannot do it. We will face Burnley, difficult team. After that we will fight Arsenal who are in a good moment.

After that we will fight Chelsea who are also doing well. How can I assume that I will get all those points?” He concluded.

Arsenal and Chelsea are currently in a positive trend, so it is certainly not easy to beat the two teams.

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