Recep Erdogan becomes best man at Mesut Ozil’s wedding

Arsenal’s midfield star, Mesut Ozil has increasingly answered all public doubts about his proximity to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Interestingly here, when the explanation was poured out by both parties with the president became a best man at Mesut Ozil’s wedding.

Mesut Ozil recently held a wedding reception with his sweet heart, Amine Gulses. The former Miss Turkey was officially married to Ozil on Friday, 7 June 2019, local time. The beautiful moment was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Through the source who came directly to the special event, Ozil held a wedding process in a hotel on the banks of the Bosphorus. Trying to run according to what is required, Ozil must present a companion or witness from each bride.

Mesut Ozil himself was not awkward to ask Recep Erdogan as a best man. Even this event was filled with Recep Erdogan’s speech. But unfortunately, the event did not mention in detail the contents of Erdogan’s speech. The presence of the figure of the Turkish number one is not surprising.

Known to have a relationship that is so close to the president, but indeed, it has been a long time if Recep Erdogan promised Ozil will present at his wedding reception. Speaking of the world of football, Ozil’s closeness with Erdogan clearly invited a lot of criticism.

This criticism was provoked by the attitude of German fans, who gave negative values to the figure of Recep Erdogan. When the atmosphere of the 2018 World Cup began to spread, Mesut Ozil displayed his closeness to Erdogan through a photo posted on his personal Instagram account.

This action immediately invited a lot of criticism, because Ozil was considered to be included in the realm of politics, and the poor figure of Erdogan presented a bad stigma for the German public. It got worse when Germany failed miserably at the World Cup, and Ozil also looked so bad that the case with Erdogan became a scapegoat.

Claimed to not stand the public pressure, finally Mesut Ozil decided to resign from German national team. As long as the case took place, Ozil had stated that he was not treated fairly. Even felt racially discriminated by fans of the German national team and also by the federation [DFB] who did not respond to the emphasis.

“When we win, we are German. But if we lose, I am an immigrant,” wrote Ozil on his personal Instagram after resigning from German national team.

At present, Ozil’s future with Arsenal continues to be questioned, for the past two seasons his figure is considered not to have contributed to the development of Arsenal at club and European level. This situation clearly provoked speculation that Ozil will be sold in the 2019 summer transfer market.

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