Real Madrid’s opportunities to win La Liga deflated

Along with the defeat of Real Betis earlier this morning, the chances of Real Madrid to win La Liga this season are considered deflated. According to Los Blancos midfielder, Casemiro.

After gaining victory in the El Clasico party against Barcelona last week, Real Madrid was forced to swallow a bitter pill a week ago.

Come to the Real Betis Headquarters on the 27th Jornada, Zinedine Zidane’s troops surrendered with a final score of 1-2.

With this defeat, Real Madrid will automatically be evicted from the top of the Spanish La Liga standings. Because, on one hand Barcelona managed to win over Real Sociedad. The rival club then took over the throne of the table, now with a two-point advantage.

Indeed, there are still 11 more matches to play in the rest of this season. That is, Real Madrid is clearly likely to reclaim the top of the standings from the hands of Barcelona. However, midfielder Casemiro seems pessimistic about these opportunities if his team’s performance is not consistent.

“Real Betis play superior and far better, there is no reason, football is a simple thing. In La Liga, every game is very difficult. Winning La Liga forces you to play perfectly, and we didn’t show that in the match, “Casemiro said.

What Real Madrid needs to do according to Casemiro is just playing consistently. Showing performance like when you beat Barcelona last week.

“We must continue to work hard. We did not do what we were supposed to do, we did not play like the Barcelona contra match. We are only human, but bad games like fighting against Betis can make the chance of champions disappear, “he said.

In line with Casemiro, Defender Raphael Varane also admitted that Los Blancos was inconsistent, and was entirely bad when they visited Estadio Benito Villamarin.

“We didn’t play with enough intensity, especially in the first half. We didn’t play fast, and we let Real Betis take the ball. All players know we must win, but instead do not display the quality that we should. There are still a few more games, and we must be optimistic that we can continue to achieve positive results, “he said.

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