Real Madrid vs PSG Predictions

It will be an awesome match for the football fans and punters to watch Real Madrid vs PSG soccer champion league 2017-2018. There were many chances for these two teams to be paired together for UEFA Champions League. The reason behind is, Real Madrid team was unseeded after completing second behind Tottenham in Group H, whereas Paris St Germain (PSG) team had done well against Bayern Munich taking top position in Group B.

Real Madrid vs PSG Odds Preview
Let us know more in detail about the prediction championship 2018 for these teams. Do you think Real Madrid will be a good deal? They have been on the second position doing well in Tottenham home ground and home-away matches. However, they are lagging behind Barcelona in La Liga with nine points. So, do you think Cristiano Ronaldo and co can perform great in this Champions League?

On the other hand, for PSG team, they have been on a long path doing best into European football. Moreover, with excellent investment by their Qatari owners in this summer, PSG team is considered a talented group of players to bet on. But are they confident in winning this soccer champion league 2017-2018?

At Euro 2016, all had expectations from PSG to win the trophy. However, the players were not so confident for this thought and thus, the Portugal had pip PSG team to the post.

This is going to be a fantastic competition with Leg 1 held in Madrid on February 14, 2018. One of the teams will be beaten by the end of Leg 2 and the favorite one will be winning the UEFA Champions League 2018.

So, let us take a look at the predictions of Real Madrid vs PSG and see who is the winner.
How frequent it is to see Real Madrid at the odds against the price while playing at Bernabeu? Here it will be with Galacticos at 2.30 to win Leg 1. PSG has availability at the price of 3.00, whereas the draw can be at 3.60.

Betting Tips for Real Madrid vs PSG
Predicting and analyzing both these teams is a bit difficult as they are from different countries as well as with different gaming aspects.

Real Madrid on one side is a team of violent behavior and brilliancy. With this dominance, they have won three trophies in the last four years. Moreover, Galacticos have been the winners in 5 out of 5 matches on the home ground in La Liga since October. They have also won at Bernabeu in their own group and also won a draw against Spurs. Last but not the least, Real Madrid possess Cristiano Ronaldo in their team, who is the Champions League best goal scorer and the Ballon d’Or winner.

On the other side, PSG team has not great heights in Champions League, except for the quarter and semi-quarter in the last few years. They have not yet succeeded to make up till the final so, need to strive hard to top in this season.
Prediction championship 2018 for Real Madrid vs PSG says, if the former one has an excellent lead then they can become heavy on the later team. However, if PSG team can notch the away goal then they have a scope to progress.
Thus, both the teams are required to score at 3.75.

Just one of these gigantic teams can move ahead in the stringent path of quarterfinals. So, let’s see which one beats the other?

Real Madrid 1–3 Paris Saint-Germain – International Champions Cup – 27/07/2016
Real Madrid 1–0 Paris Saint-Germain – UEFA Champions League – 03/11/2015
Paris Saint-Germain 0–0 Real Madrid – UEFA Champions League – 21/10/2015
Paris Saint-Germain 1–1 Real Madrid – UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup – 15/03/1994
Real Madrid 0–1 Paris Saint-Germain – UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup – 03/03/1994

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