Real Madrid ready to release Gareth Bale

A hot news just came out, The European Champion team, Real Madrid claimed to be ready to release its mega star, Gareth Bale in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. However, for interested clubs must prepare super large funds, because the EL Real only want to release Bale with a 150 million Euro.

Bale became one of Madrid’s best recruits, he came from Tottenham Hotspur in the 2013 season with a 100 million euro dowry with the status as the most expensive player at that time. Prices are expensive then paid in full by Bale by presenting many titles and the best is 3 times the Champions League in a row.

With many achievements, it does not necessarily make Bale’s name shine, in fact he rarely appears because of a relapse injury, and in this season Bale returns to the operating room to get injury-free status.

The recurring situation has made Madrid reconsider extending Bale’s contract. Seeing this, Madrid is claimed to have no confidence in the player and is ready to release it in the upcoming transfer window.

This season is the season in which Madrid reaches the climax, Bale being the player who is most often in the reserve because of a stamina that is not 100 percent good. Evidently, Diego Solari is entrusting the main position to Lucas Vazquez and Vinicius Junior.

Through Florentino Perez as the president of Madrid, has set the official price of Bale at 150 million Euros. Luckily for Madrid because the figure of Bale is still a lot of interest, including Manchester United and Juventus.

Although many invite big club interests, but not necessarily the two European elite teams want to pour big funds as Bale’s selling value is not comparable to the player’s current fitness conditions.

The Madrid are preparing to make big changes to the squad for next season. Big names have been prepared to be sold by Madrid from Eden Hazard to Christian Eriksen. Bale’s sales issue is included in this order, where funds obtained from the sale of Bale will be used to bring in Hazard and Eriksen which are known to have exorbitant selling values.

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