Real Madrid indirectly cancel Bale’s move to China

The chaos of Gareth Bale‘s future in the 2019 season is really confusing. After having been rumored to be moving to Manchester United with the status of salary cuts, news has now resurfaced that EL Real is the main reason for Bale’s failure to graze in China’s best league, China.

Here, Madrid is the party most criticized by many because it is considered to take advantage of the situation of Bale by looking for greater profits. It is known that it has been entered in the past week that speculation about the future of Bale began to appear clear.

Moving to China was the best choice for Bale, and Jiangsu Suning‘s club offered a salary of 1 million Pounds per week. Being a big question here is when all of that quickly broke up in the middle of the road with the results of Bale canceling docked to China.

According to various sources, EL Real canceled the plan unilaterally by not giving the reason. Added by a world-renowned analyst, Dermot Corrigan believes the change in Madrid’s attitude is only temporary. Madrid’s move here is predicted to only await the reaction of major Chinese clubs expecting greater profits from Bale’s transfer.

“Last weekend, Madrid had decided to separate from Bale to China, because if not they would have to pay 100 million euros in the next three years for salaries and taxes. Seeing Bale’s situation with Zidane, maintaining Bale doesn’t seem good, so Madrid had thought about letting Bale go to China for free,” said Corrigan.

Corrigan added that if the transfer of Madrid’s transfer here goes so fast in a matter of minutes before the perfect transfer. Can be interpreted here that permission has been given by Madrid, but the problem of the amount of money is the end of this sweet story.

“All are in the hands of the highest level leaders – when they see an agreement to China that will occur and when they see the amount of salary that Bale will get – they think that Bale is very valuable, and does not want to release it for free,”

“Then they think again by not wanting to sell Bale for free. This decision makes all parties confused, and now the Chinese club cannot offer the right offer,” he concluded.

Apart from all that, Bale is still participating in the EL Real squad in the 2019 preseason tour. On several occasions, Bale managed to steal the world’s attention by successfully scoring goals in several friendly match.

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