Real Madrid accelerate Luka Jovic’s transfer

Welcoming the 2019 summer transfer market, in fact, the movement of Real Madrid is quite fast. The latest mention is EL Real is claimed to be immediately completing the transfer process of Eintracht Frankfurt’s young star, Luka Jovic.

Dissecting Jovic’s figure, then we could say this one goal thirsty attacker is quite extraordinary with Frankfurt this season. At the age of 21, Jovic has successfully scored 27 goals in 46 matches that he played in all competitions.

The continuing development shown by Jovic, has made many elite European clubs captivated by their services, including Real Madrid, who are very insistent as they need a new attacking figure. The Madrid became the luckiest club, because they and Frankfurt claimed to reach an agreement at a price of 60 million Euros.

If it really happened, then the chances are Jovic will suppress a five-season contract with a value of 50 million Euros or 10 million Euros per season. It was continued that Frankfurt had no right to get all the money from the sale of Jovic, because they had to hand over a portion worth 12 million Euros to the former Jovic club, Benfica.

Jovic himself was a Frankfurt loan player from Benfica since the summer of last year. Last April, Frankfurt decided to make the services of Jovic as permanent as his figure of success giving hope in the performances of the German Bundesliga and Europa League.

Although many predictions of Jovic have become official property of Madrid, but until now, there has been no certainty from EL Real in ensuring the news. Some reasons to answer that are because Jovic still has to focus on the final event of the German Bundesliga against Bayern Munich at the weekend.

The match itself is very important for Frankfurt, as they are still hoping to advance to the Champions League next season, as their position is ranked 5th now. In other words, both teams are equally obliged to win.

On the side of Munich, they also must bring home a victory, because it really determines their fate whether to come out as champions this season or let Dortmund who came out as the champions. As for the hosts, they clearly won because they wanted to look at the best European League next season.

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