Ramsey docks at Juve, left deep wounds for Arsenal

Arsenal legend Robert Pires became one of the figures who dared to show disappointment at the attitude of the club, who were willing to let go of Aaron Ramsey to Juventus. The reason was very simple, he saw that Ramsey was one of the best players Arsenal had, and his departure predicted by Pires would have a major impact on the preparation of the Gunners next season.

The certainty of Ramsey leaving Arsenal is indeed clear, this has the effect of the deadline for negotiating new contracts designed by the two clubs. It seems that Ramsey wants to be more appreciated by the club, but Arsenal dismissed all hopes of Ramsey who wants to get a bigger salary.

Till finally all this ended in vain, where Ramsey personally agreed to the Juventus offer. Now Ramsey’s last time with Arsenal had to end badly. He was hit by a hamstring injury a few days ago and his season is certain to end faster.

In other words, Ramsey’s farewell with Arsenal did not run climax. After 11 years of defending Arsenal, the move in such a manner certainly was not in line with Ramsey’s expectations. Pires also emerged as one of the most disappointed figures.

Pires himself believes that he is not a person who feels disappointed, he saw many Arsenal fans who acted the same, because they considered the services of Ramsey still very much needed.

“Really disappointed, really disappointed because I knew the figure of Ramsey. He’s a good player, and he did everything very well, he scored a lot of goals. “He is a very important player in the squad, especially in the dressing room,” said Pires.

“Unfortunately my thousand, this is just soccer, we must respect Ramsey’s decision. For him, this is a new challenge, a new life. ”

Pires continued that he always supported Ramsey’s decision, and what the player took was the right decision. Playing in Serie A with a club as big as Juventus will boost Ramsey’s level, especially because of playing a team with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Glad I am with Ramsey, he deserves this great opportunity. Serie A is a good league and Juve are one of the best teams in Europe. He will play with one of the best players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. I am disappointed, but that is life,” Pires concluded.

Apart from Pires, Unai Emery, who is the Arsenal coach, admitted that Ramsey’s heart was still for the Gunners. Ramsey was disappointed that his separation could not work well due to an injury approaching and potentially failed to finish in the top four of the English Premier League this season.

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