Ramos can’t wait to play again and eager to win a title

Although there is no clarity about the continuation of this season’s soccer competition, Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos can’t wait to get back to playing. Even so, he realized that the most important thing now was the safety of everyone.

Corona Virus outbreaks are increasingly worrisome, so football activities around the world are paralyzed. No exception is also the Spanish La Liga competition which was stalled since last March.

Until this news is revealed, it is unknown when the La Liga competition will be rolled out again. Because the conditions in Spain are still not normal again.

But lately, there is news that La Liga clubs will start holding more training sessions in the near future. Other news claims that the competition can be continued starting in June 2020.

The news is still confusing, but clearly Sergio Ramos cannot wait to get back on the gridiron. This delay makes the captain of Real Madrid even more thirsty for the title.

“Everyone’s health will not be at risk. I look forward to playing again, returning to compete, playing in La Liga and the Champions League,”

“I’m hungry to end the season with a title, but first we have to wait for people who know all this to make the right decision,” he said, via the US, when he hosted Ramos UNICEF Day.

For information, Spain is very hard to feel the impact of this Corona Virus, with a total of more than 232 thousand cases of corona, and already 23 thousand people died due to the plague.

Therefore, Sergio Ramos took advantage of the interview opportunity to urge the Spanish people to follow the rules of the Government.

“We cannot think that everything has been achieved, the seriousness of this problem still exists with us. We must comply with guidelines to end this virus and give scientists time to find a vaccine, “he exclaimed.

Some European leagues such as the Belgian Pro League, Dutch Eredivisie and the latest French Ligue 1 have been officially stopped. Reportedly, the Italian Serie A is also on the verge of a similar decision. So, will Spain follow in the footsteps?

Penulis: | 30 April 2020 | blog