Raffi Ahmad planned to buy Bella’s house?

Lately there is news that said that Raffi Ahmad planned to buy the house of one of his ex-girlfriends, Laudya Cynthia Bella who was in the Jagakarsa area.

When asked about this, Nagita Slavina’s husband claimed he had not really bought Bella’s house, because so far there had been no further communication about it.

“No, we heard she wanted to sell the house, but I still don’t know either. No further communication with her, her house is at Jagakarsa, “said Raffi.

Bella is said wanted to sell the house, because it has rarely been occupied since she married Engku Emran and settled in Malaysia. But, Raffi claimed not to know the reasons behind the plan of his ex-lover to sell her house.

However, the 33-year-old actor claimed to be interested in buying the house as long as it is a matter of price.

“Yes, if the price is okay, like she wants to give a special price for me as her ex-lover, then why not? I just haven’t talked to her,” said Raffi.

Well, if only he saw the condition of the house and then felt unsuitable, Raffi would still help Bella sell it by offering it to colleagues.

“I just want to see her house later if I have time. Who knows, I can help sell it to friends, if I don’t buy it. I will help Bella, who knows if I can get a commission, “he continued.

So, is Raffi Ahmad’s wife, Nagita Slavina feeling jealous if Raffi buys the home of his ex-girlfriend?

“Ah Bella and Gigi are close friends. So no problem, “concluded Raffi.

Some reports say that President Jokowi’s son, Gibran had bargained to buy the luxury house, but for some reason this news just disappeared.

It is believed, the house is quite spacious with several facilities such as parks and others that have a selling price of around IDR 9 billion. The last time Bella visited her house was in 2018, because she felt homesick.

It could be that Bella will return to her house, remembering that some time ago she had officially divorced her husband, Engku Emran.

Penulis: | 21 Juli 2020 | blog