Raditya Dika’s friend died due to Coronavirus

Profession is not a guarantee that someone cannot be exposed to the Coronavirus, the proof is Raditya Dika said that one of his friends, who worked as a doctor had died of the virus.

The Coronavirus pandemic is indeed not to be underestimated, in fact, it should have been heard since its appearance in the city of Wuhan, China. How come? Medical experts have never found the right vaccine so that its spread is not controlled.

As a result, this virus quickly reached countries throughout the world, including Indonesia. So far, there are a total of 514 COVID-19 Positive cases in the country, 49 of which have died. Of the 49 people, one of them was a friend from Stand Up Comedian Indonesia, Raditya Dika.

This news was told by Radit through his Personal Instagram account. He uploaded a photo of someone with a black background, and the person in the photo was his friend when he was in high school.

The protagonist in the Miko Sunday Night mini-series said that his friend was a doctor who was exposed to the virus while on duty.

“At 4am this morning, one of my classmates in 70th high school had died because of COVID-19. He was 34 years old, good and smart. Incidentally my friend is a doctor and was exposed while on duty, “he wrote.

With this case, it means that no one can be free from the threat of Corona Virus. That way, the community will not consider it a trivial threat.

“Friends, this virus is serious. Do not be underestimated. Take care of yourself. ALL people can be hit and become victims. Please if you can, just at home, “he said.

This father of one child also asked the public not to hoard personal protective equipment such as Masks and Hand Sanitizers. The reason, the medical staff is currently lacking these tools, even though they are much more in need than others.

“He also help donations for personal protective equipment in a channel that is trusted for health workers on duty. Don’t hoard masks, gloves, they need it all more than we do. Stay safe, everyone,” he said.

Penulis: | 23 Maret 2020 | blog