Raditya Dika reveals reasons not to create content about COVID-19

Indonesian comedian and actor, Raditya Dika recently revealed the reason why it never raised Coronavirus as the theme of its content on Youtube.

Besides being known as an actor and stand-up comedian, this 35-year-old man is also known as a content creator on Youtube. In fact, it can be said that he is one of the YouTubers, who has the highest number of subscribers in Indonesia.

The contents in the Raditya Dika’s Youtube Channel mostly carry themes that are currently being discussed by the public. However, lately the husband of Annisa Aziza has not also raised the theme of COVID-19 which is endemic everywhere.

As is known, Coronavirus is indeed infecting many countries, including our beloved homeland, Indonesia. As far as this news was revealed, the findings of positive cases of the Coronavirus in the country have been more than 1,700 cases, with a total death of more than 100 people.

Naturally, if the community is now “thirsty” for information about this virus. Supposedly, the moment was used by content creators to create a content on Youtube. Interestingly, Raditya Dika is still reluctant to do so.

Not without reason, Raditya claimed his wife was so worried about this outbreak, that he was reluctant to raise it as a theme on Youtube.

“About coronavirus, it depends on the title. But I didn’t feel very fun when creating a content like an example ‘Yes, we are on coronavirus state of emergency ’, my wife is worried that I have been asking questions from January,” said Raditya Dika in front of Deddy Corbuzier.

In addition, another fear is that this theme is very serious and sensitive. Misinformation can be fatal, and Radit realizes that he is not a credible figure to raise the theme of the COVID-19.

“The first thing was so serious, the second information that I released was not valid yet, I was afraid that it would be taken by people as a guide, while there were many credible sources from me. I am afraid that the media often cites the word Raditya Dika to avoid coronavirus, fearing that it’s wrong too,” He added.

Raditya Dika himself felt the impact of this virus. Because, he could not meet with the content creator team for the past two months.

Penulis: | 2 April 2020 | blog