Rachel Vennya speaks up about her decision to remove hijab

Celebgram Rachel Vennya finally opened her voice regarding her decision to remove the hijab recently.

In fact, the figure of Rachel Venya is so popular among netizens, her number of followers has even reached 5 million. However, this figure is actually lower than the number of followers when she was still wearing a hijab.

Yes, Rachel Vennya recently decided to take off her hijab, and this decision has drawn pros and cons among her followers.

As a result, the number of followers has decreased, not only because of the abandonment of netizens, but most of them are also blocked by those concerned because they feel they often make negative comments.

So far, Rachel Vennya has not had the chance to speak about her decision to remove the hijab, only on the occasion of being a guest star on the YouTube channel Boy William the celebrity finally revealed the reason.

Rachel Vennya said that her decision to wear the hijab was not due to coercion from any party, including her husband.

“When I decided to wear the hijab, there was no coercion from anyone. I actually, every time I wear the hijab, everyone talks about moving too hard for me because I feel like I’m still learning,”

“But, if people think I wear a hijab because my husband insists, I don’t. I really want to. And now I’m changing my appearance because I want to,” said Rachel Vennya.

Her decision to wear hijab was purely due to her own will and she felt comfortable or happy with the decision.

“Like I don’t have coercion from anyone and I’m not forced to. I didn’t even have to wear the hijab yesterday, it’s something I like and I really want,” she said.

However, Rachel Vennya admitted that she was worried about what people think if she took off her hijab. However, the person concerned finally settled on this decision because she felt that nothing had changed from her.

“When I tried to change my appearance I meant not wearing that scarf, I was actually shaking like a person, scared.”

“Many people ask, ‘Why?’, ‘This is wrong.’ Like I know this is wrong, but maybe not, I’m still me. Like I wear a hijab and I don’t wear a headscarf, I’m still me, “said Rachel Vennya.


Penulis: | 29 Januari 2021 | blog