Quique Setien hopes Coutinho stay at Barca

Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho has a glimmer of hope regarding his future on the gridiron. New Barcelona coach Quique Setien personally expects ex-Liverpool to return to Camp Nou next season.

Previously, the future of the former Inter Milan player was indeed unclear. Last summer he joined Bayern Munich on loan, because he cannot be guaranteed to play regularly if he stays at Camp Nou.

During the loan spell with the German Bundesliga club, Coutinho can be said to look pretty good. It’s just that Bayern Munich are believed not to redeem Coutinho permanently in the upcoming transfer market.

Not without reason, die Roten is believed to object to the high tag installed by Barcelona for the 28-year-old figure. As a result, Coutinho is now associated with a number of European giants, including two English clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea.

However, it is also likely that Coutinho will return to Barcelona next season, at least from the words of the new coach Quique Setien.

“I think Coutinho is a great player,” Setien was quoted as saying by RAC1.

Setien even claimed to be ready to talk directly with Coutinho related to his plans for next season.

“I will count on it here [Barcelona] at the start of next season. I will talk to him about this problem. If needed I will talk to him directly.” He said.

Of course as a great player, Coutinho will be the target of a number of European giants. However, Setien himself believes that the Brazilian will return to Camp Nou.

“I really like him [Coutinho]. He is a Barca player and other clubs must pay for his release clause if they want to recruit him. But I know that he wants to return to this club,” he said.

Maybe Philippe Coutinho will be a mainstay again at Barcelona next season if he returns. It’s just that, the club still has Antoine Griezmann, who just bought it last summer. In addition, there is no guarantee that Quique Setien will stay in the manager’s chair until next season.

Moreover, some of the latest rumors circulating say that Coutinho will be used as a medium of exchange by Barcelona for the transfer of Neymar.

Penulis: | 17 April 2020 | blog