Quique Setien affirms he never regrets in charge of Barcelona

The story of Quique Setien’s career at Barcelona is truly tragic, not only ended in failure, but also colored by a number of bad news which eventually led to him being expelled from the chair. However, the person concerned admitted that he did not regret it at all.

For information, the former Real Betis coach started managing Barcelona in January 2020 or mid-season yesterday to replace Ernesto Valverde who was kicked out of the coaching chair.

The hope is clear, Setien can bring Barcelona out of a situation that could be said to be unfavorable. But unfortunately, at the end of the season he actually failed to give the championship trophy.

Not only that, his Barcelona direction also ended the season in a sad way, namely being slaughtered by Bayern Munich with a score of 2-8 in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League.

This big defeat ultimately led to the dismissal of the coach, even though he actually still has a contract at Camp Nou until 2022.

Obviously there is a disappointment that Setien felt after being sacked from the Barcelona chair. However, after several months passed, the 62 year old figure was able to ‘move on’.

“I’ve finished lamenting what happened in Barcelona. But it is something that happens as part of this job. If you can live isolated from everything, like I have done, you can live in peace.”

“I’ve changed my phone number, and they stopped me on the road and asked for an interview, but I try to stay the same,” Setien said as reported by Marca.

Even though it ended badly and was colored by a series of unpleasant reports, Setien can ensure that he never regrets having handled Barcelona. According to him, it was an extraordinary experience.

“The experience was great. It’s true that we didn’t enjoy what we wanted to enjoy, or did what we wanted in the beginning, but you find things getting complicated,”

“Of course I want to go back to Barcelona and I don’t regret having been there. Not at all.” said Setien.

Since being sacked by Barcelona, ​​Quique Setien has not handled any team to date.

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