Quartararo responds to criticism about ‘always never win and replace Rossi’

Fabio Quartararo will certainly shift Valentino Rossi’s position as Yamaha Monster Monster Team rider next season. Some parties responded positively to the news, but there were also those who gave negative responses, even criticizing El Diablo.

The Australian rider successfully won 7 podiums and 6 poles, and sits at number 5 in the final standings in the 2019 season. It’s just that, Quartararo has never won a single victory.

He was twice very close at Misano and Thailand, when he was beaten by Marc Marquez on the last lap, but still he could not achieve victory.

Even so, the unfortunate note does not necessarily hamper Yamaha’s intention to bring Fabio Quartararo to the Yamaha Monster Energy Team next 2021 season. He certainly will shift Valentino Rossi in the Tuning Fork Team next season.

Reportedly, Quartararo has agreed a two-year contract together with the Japanese manufacturer. Some parties responded positively to the news, but some also responded cynically and cast criticism.

Critics consider the French rider is still not fit to replace Rossi because he has never recorded a single victory so far. However, Quartararo did not want to respond to the criticism that was heard.

“I don’t care if I have to move to the Yamaha factory team without a win, because after all I have been deploying everything every time. If it finally happens, that is, moving the team without a win, then just accept that that’s the way it is, “Quartararo said.

Not without reason, he felt that all this time he had also worked hard on the track. He even tried since day one to continue to win, but it was not an easy matter.

“In my entire life, I have never practiced as hard as now. I don’t doubt my ability, but winning in MotoGP is indeed a huge challenge. I will try my best, but it won’t be a problem if I haven’t won when I move teams, “he concluded.

On the one hand, people should also see the fact that this season, there has been no race held.

Penulis: | 19 Juni 2020 | blog