Quartararo: I could have won the Qatar GP!

The First MotoGP Series 2020 at Losail Circuit, Qatar was canceled due to Corona Virus outbreak. Rider from France, Fabio Quartararo looks disappointed because he is very confident that the championship in the series will take place on schedule.

Winning must be recognized that El Diablo performed stunningly in two pre-season trial editions at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia and at the Losail Circuit, Qatar. In fact, on the Trial in Malaysia, Yamaha SRT Petronas Rider could rank first in the list of the fastest riders.

While in the trial edition in Qatar, Quatararo occupies the 2nd position. The good results cannot be separated from his new ride, YZR-M1 2020. What’s interesting about the vehicle is the manufacturer spec used in the campaign last season.

Quartararo’s fast performance, and has a consistent rhythm made a number of other riders chuckle. They even predict the 20-year-old racer can be a challenger to the title this season.

Quartararo himself thinks that his slick performance in the two test series is inseparable from the new mounts that used the engine last year. While other Riders use new mounts and new engines, so it needs an adaptation process.

“I am very satisfied after the Qatari trial. I am comfortable on the M1. We underwent six days of trials on new motorcycles, and engines that were not 100% new. So I thought at the start of the season, where the machine was sealed, I could become a star. My rhythm is amazing, “he said via Sky Sport.

No wonder the Petronas Yamaha SRT racer is so sure it could be the fastest if the first series at the Qatar Losail Circuit continues to be held according to the planned schedule.

“Last year I was fast everywhere. I imagine Qatar could be the right place to win, but so are Jerez, Le Mans, Barcelona and Assen … if the racing schedule is right, “said the 20-year-old rider.

Meanwhile, the Corona outbreak made the first four series of the season postponed. The first series just rolled out on May 1 to 3, 2020 at the Jerez Circuit, Spain.

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