Public can’t wait to see Juventus’ Pirlo swallow up the first defeat

Andrea Agnelli as president of Juventus claims that now people can not wait to see Andrea Pirlo’s Bianconneri swallow their first defeat. Even so, Agnelli confirmed that the club will continue to support the tactician.

Juventus’ decision to appoint Andera Pirlo to be the new manager to replace Maurizio Sarri in the summer has drawn surprises from many parties.

Naturally, Pirlo’s quality as a coach has not been proven. He even just graduated from a coaching course since the end of 2019 and has never handled any team.

Not only that, Juventus initially recruited Pirlo to become the coach of their U-23 Team. However, following the end of the season under Maurizio Sarri’s direction, the Bianconneri appointed their former player to take charge of the first team.

So far, Pirlo has played two matches as Juventus coach, including against Sampdoria and AS Roma. Of these two matches, the Club won a 3-0 victory over Sampdoria, while when they visited Roma headquarters, the match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Meanwhile, the third giornata match against Napoli could not be held because the opposing team refused to attend and in the end Juve won WO with a score of 3-0.

Agnelli understands, the public is currently looking forward to how Pirlo and Cristiano Ronaldo cs suffered their first defeat.

“The world around us can’t wait to judge some defeats. What is lacking from Andrea Pirlo is the absence of pre-season sessions and the first experience sitting on the bench,” said Andrea Agnelli quoted by Football Italia.

Indeed, this pre-season was so short that as a new coach, Pirlo still couldn’t apply his ideas to the Juventus squad.

But even if in the end Pirlo finds less than optimal results, the club will still provide him with support.

“We have to accompany Pirlo’s early career which will not be free from obstacles. Once we have a bad moment, the world will try to beat Juventus because of the choices we made.”

“This staff composition is the most modern that I have seen. Everyone has a job and everyone has the awareness to work on that role,” concluded Andrea Agnelli.

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