Psychological factors why women become the mistresses

Mistress or the other woman lately indeed seems to be a term that is ‘viral’. Mistress is usually reserved for a woman (non-family) who has a special relationship with someone’s husband, usually they will damage the husband and wife’s relationship that has long existed.

Of course, a mistress will be seen as bad, whether it is from a social or religious perspective. But ironically, lately many women do not even hesitate to admit that they are the mistresses.

If you see the motives, of course other people will assume that the female actor tends to be ‘greedy’, do not have a heart, or targeting a wealthy married man.

But as expressed by a clinical psychologist, Stephanie Newman PhD, there are actually some psychological reasons why a woman can bear to be the third person in a relationship.

One reason is because the woman feels more challenged when establishing a relationship with a married man or giving rise to her own sensations.

“There are also super competitive women who need competence. Connecting with a man’s husband increases his self-confidence. The more “hotter” her rival, the more she feels superior to his wife, “explained Newman quoted from Pshycology Today.

Then, Sri Juwita Kusumawardhani MPsi, revealed there were other reasons that also underlie these actions. According to her, the mistress can also because she does not have control over herself and does not understand the norms that exist.

“The term doesn’t have feelings. Means empathy is not trained. So she could not put herself how if she or her mother experienced it, “said Wita.

It is true that the female actor is wrong, but what should be noted is that a relationship will not occur if only one party reacts. In other words, female actors usually only ‘tease’, forbidden relationships will not occur if the one being tempted does not react.

So, in other words, a man or husband also contributes, because they consciously decide to establish a relationship that they clearly know is a forbidden relationship.

Penulis: | 16 Juli 2020 | blog