Prilly reveals reasons why stay single till today

Indonesia artist Prilly Latuconsina is still single to this day, but that does not necessarily frustrate her. The 23-year-old woman claimed to prefer focusing on her career and education.

Prilly is known to have been single since officially separated from her ex, Maxime Bouttier some time ago. Until now, she has not dated any man, of course it does not mean she is not wanted by anyone.

In a recent interview, Prilly admitted that she did not have time to look for a new lover. The reason he prefers to focus on work and also education.

“It’s like putting the couple aside. Honestly I’m not looking too. I don’t take the time for that either because every day I have a schedule. I want to focus the thesis, the focus of the film has not been filmed, yet again, “said Prilly Latuconsina.

Therefore, according to Prilly now is just a waste of time, not to mention if the love story is also colored by drama.

“It takes time to have a partner, find a partner or get involved in a drama, so I don’t seem to have the chance at all,” she said.

Instead of feeling frustrated, Prilly also claimed to be very relieved since she was single, because she was free to do whatever she wanted and focus on her work.

“Yes, and in my opinion with myself like this it’s more relief for me. Because I’m more focused on myself and my work, “she added.

Prilly is known as a celebrity who works very hard and because of that she becomes successful. But for this reason many also consider that men will feel inferior to Prilly.

The concerned does not want to bother with these opinions.

“A lot of people talk to me, you don’t have to work so much that you become a girl and a boy is inferior. In my opinion, a guy who is inferior is a guy who doesn’t have a vision, doesn’t have goals, doesn’t work hard like that,”

“In my opinion, I should work hard, I’m not an inferior guy, but instead motivated if an inferior guy means it’s not just for me,” she concluded.

Penulis: | 24 Juni 2020 | blog