Previously praised for having a harmonious marriage, Rachel Vennya’s marriage is ruined now

The couple Niko Al Hakim and Rachel Vennya are back in the spotlight, but this time it’s not because they seem intimate on social media, but because of their divorce. Yes, Rachel Vennya has officially sued for divorce from the end of January.

Previously, the pair Rachel Vennya and Niko Al Hakim were often praised by Warganet, because they seemed to often upload intimate photos on social media.

Netizens are increasingly admiring the couple’s domestic harmony, along with Rachel Vennya who decided to wear the hijab.

However, things have looked different since the last few months, when Rachel Vennya was in the spotlight because of her decision to remove the hijab.

Well, not long ago, the Celebgram, who had more than 5 million followers, was back in the spotlight. This time it is not about hijab anymore, but about the household with Niko Al Hakim who ran aground in the middle of the road.

Yes, Rachel Vennya has officially filed for divorce from her husband since the end of January 2021. Only two weeks after filing the lawsuit, the first trial was held on February 2.

During the trial, Niko Al Hakim appeared to be present during the trial. Meanwhile, Rachel Vennya was not seen attending the inaugural trial on the mediation agenda. Meanwhile, the second trial will only be held on February 9, 2021.

Regarding this, Rachel Vennya herself spoke on the YouTube Boy William Channel. She was reluctant to mention the reason why she sued her husband for divorce.

“The name of the relationship is definitely nothing that is perfect, there must be a shame, there must be people who if they know they are shocked. Only maybe I am in a position where …

“But, yes, I am now at the bottom of the relationship. The worst condition is the relationship,” said Rachel Vennya.

Even so, Rachel Vennya can confirm that she has loved Niko Al Hakim very much for the past 7 years. Moreover, her marriage has been blessed with two children.

“I was with him for seven years. Of course I love him a lot,” said Rachel Vennya about her feelings for Niko.


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