Premier League still play on April 30 without audience?

Bobby Barnes as chairman of the Professional Football Players Association or PFA in England claimed that the players had agreed to roll out the Premier League again on 30 April even though there were no spectators.

The Premier League has indeed been officially postponed, none other than the cause is the Corona Outbreak pandemic which is increasingly becoming.

Initial agreement, a new competition will be rolled out in early April 2020. However, because the situation did not subside, the authorities finally pushed back their schedule until April 30.

However, there is no guarantee that conditions will improve. Moreover, the positive case of Corona in the United Kingdom continues to grow day by day. Therefore, the idea emerged that the Premier League should not just be held alias abolished.

There are still pros and cons about the continuation of the fate of this competition, but Bob Barnes as the Chair of the PFA said that continuing to hold the competition without the presence of an audience was the best solution at the moment.

“I think this is more due to the absence of other choices. Players think realistically. In an ideal world, we will play in front of the audience.

“But we are not in the ideal world and that’s for sure, the player I spoke to has accepted that if that’s the way, eating is what will be lived,” Barnes told The Athletic.

Furthermore, Barnes claimed to have pocketed permission from the players in the Premier League. They all agreed to continue the competition even without the presence of spectators in the stadium stands.

“Most players have been thinking the same thing when we talked to them. The players already know. They understand this alternative. To be honest, if we want to finish the season on time in order to consider starting next season, we must be open to all options,” he added.

Actually, before this there was a discourse to keep holding the match but without the presence of the audience.

Then, the decision changed 180 degrees with the postponement of the competition, after Mikel Arteta (Arsenal coach) and Callum Hudson Odoi (Chelsea player), confirmed this outbreak. Arteta himself has recovered, but it will remain quarantined like the others.

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