Premier League matches welcome back fans in December

A quite encouraging news comes for football fans in England. The reason is, there is news saying that starting next December the fans will be allowed to come to the stadium again.

As is known, the Corona Virus Pandemic has indeed forced almost all countries around the world to establish lock down rules, aka regional quarantine.

These rules clearly have an impact on football, because spectators are no longer allowed to be present at the stadium to watch their favorite team play.

Previously, the Covid-19 pandemic forced countries in the world, including Britain to impose lockdown policies which also affected football.

In fact, there was a delay in the competition which lasted for about three months.

Now that the growth rate for Covid-19 cases has started to subside, Goal International has announced that Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has decided on a new policy.

The new policies include ending the lockdown rule starting on the second of December.

This policy allows fans to come to the stadium depending on the region where the stadium is located, whether in the first, second, or third level.

In other words, a stadium that is in the first tier area will allow as many as 4000 spectators to attend the match, of course, while maintaining their distance and wearing masks.

Not only that, spectators who are allowed to attend are also not arbitrary, they must come from an area within a certain distance.

Meanwhile, stadiums in the second tier area will be able to hold matches attended by 2,000 fans, or half of the stadium’s maximum capacity.

Well, for Stadiums that are in the third level Region, it is still not allowed to present fans or spectators in a football match.

The Premier League itself seems very enthusiastic about this new policy.

“Fans are sorely missed at Premier League games and we therefore welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement today regarding the return of supporters for the first time since March, albeit on a small scale,”

“Our ambition remains to work with the Government to increase attendance to a more substantial level.” read the official Premier League statement.

Penulis: | 24 November 2020 | blog