Police admits have difficulties in investigating Gisel hoax video

The latest update regarding the exciting video case similar to that of the artist Gisella Anastasia was again revealed by the authorities. Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus revealed that his party was still having trouble checking the female figure in the video.

The difficulty encountered by the police was because the video was re-recorded on a different cellphone. In other words, the 19-second video has been recorded using the screen recording feature on a different cellphone.

Obviously, the recording quality deteriorates and tends to be difficult to identify.

“Indeed, there is a slight difficulty factor because the video is being screened using a cellphone, so this is still waiting because this is facial forensics,” said Yusri.

Furthermore, Yusri said that the forensic team examining the video would be assisted by an expert witness who also held evidence. Obviously, the inspection process is still running until now.

“We have also made a summons for forensics to help us, expert witnesses as evidence holders. We are still researching the existing video,” he continued.

For the results, the police still cannot provide further confirmation of this. For this reason, Yusri also asked the public to be patient, waiting for concrete results to come out in detail.

In addition to examining the figure in the video, Yusri explained that his party is still pursuing the first person who spread the video to social media.

“There is nothing new yet, we are still exploring it, I said yesterday there was one more account that we are still profiling which is massive and is still being pursued,”

“Continuing to run, we will continue to carry out the investigation, the investigation into the video through expert witnesses,” continued Yusri.

So far, from this case the police have secured the two people who spread the massive video. In fact, the authorities have named both of them as suspects after the investigation was carried out some time ago.

As is well known, the 19-second nasty video really shocked the virtual world. In fact, not a few domestic artists were asked for their opinion about the video.

Penulis: | 24 November 2020 | blog