Pol Espargaro has no regrets for joining Repsol Honda

The flagship rider of the Repsol Honda Team, Marc Marquez, is curious about his new partnership in the upcoming MotoGP 2021, Pol Espargaro. He believes that Espargaro will not regret his decision to join the Repsol Honda Team.

As is known, Pol Espargaro has indeed officially left Red Bull KTM Factory Racing since the end of last season. This decision is somewhat surprising, considering that he has already defended the Austrian manufacturer for four years.

The Spanish rider himself said that his decision to leave KTM and join Repsol Honda was none other than because he wanted to increase his chances of becoming a champion.

In fact, throughout the 2020 season, Pol Espargaro was one of the consistent riders who won five podiums.

In fact, when compared to Honda, Pol Espargaro’s achievement with KTM last season was much better. The fact that Marc Marquez’s injury left Honda unable to say much, only Alex Marquez could win two podiums throughout the season.

However, Marc Marquez is confident that Pol Espargaro will not regret his decision to join and become part of the HRC family next season.

“I haven’t asked Pol if he regrets his decision, because if I look at KTM’s current performance, I can imagine he might be thinking, ‘Why can’t I just stay at KTM?’ But I don’t think Pol will regret his decision, “said Marquez via DAZN as quoted by Autosport

What is clear is that according to Marc Marquez, Pol Espargaro’s arrival is also very good for Honda itself, given the consistency shown by the 29-year-old racer last season.

“Pol’s arrival at Honda is very good. Honda wants riders who are consistent in the top six and fight for the podium to ride our bikes.”

“If Pol is able to fight for the title, why not? After all, this is what every racer who joins HRC wants, “he said.

But indeed, there are doubts in Marquez about the move of the rider, which he thinks may not be an individual progress.

“Pol’s presence is good progress for Honda. But will his move to Honda be good progress for Pol himself? I don’t know.”

Penulis: | 11 Desember 2020 | blog