Pogba’s selfish attitude ‘reheat’ in the MU’s dressing room

Paul Pogba is arguably one of the most prominent players with Manchester United at the moment, but what happens when his professional attitude is questioned by many including the club elite.

The latest news is Pogba continues to show has made the contents of the Manchester United dressing room increasingly bad. This issue also emphasizes the future of Pogba at Old Trafford being insecure.

It was reported by many media that Pogba claimed to have been uncomfortable with the Red Devils and intends to move to a bigger club, namely Real Madrid, which is said to be ready to accommodate Pogba’s dream of becoming the best player in the world.

Apart from these negative issues, it turned out that there were also positive issues claiming that Pogba’s move was not possible and that it could be considered a hoax. Through Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola has just canceled the meeting to discuss a new contract with the Red Devils.

One side says that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still needs Pogba’s power next season, but the other side calls if the coach is no longer able to overcome selfish players like Pogba for fear of influencing the mentality of other players.

Indeed, the quality of Pogba has been proven, where the player was selected as one of the PFA Team of the Season squad outside of Liverpool and Manchester City. Pogba scored positively from many Premier League players who consider him one of the best midfielders of the season.

But what happens when the positive side is sunk with Pogba’s attitude as a professional player. At present the record of the Red Devils’ defeat continues to flow as from their last few matches, they swallowed seven defeats, and got worse when Pogba’s attitude blamed other players made the Manchester United dressing room not harmonious.

Not satisfied with that, Pogba is increasingly becoming an antagonist with a recent statement. Where a shocking confession came out of the mouth of him who claimed Manchester United continued to retreat after his departure in the 2012 season.

It was getting hotter when he also claimed Solskjaer was not the right coach to restore Manchester United‘s glory and this attitude made the dressing room less good. As for this situation, try to be used by Real Madrid, through Zinedine Zidane, his side always flatter the figure of Pogba.

Throwing praise also happened, after Zidane now it was Pogba’s turn to have the leadership spirit of the French legend. Even Pogba will be happy if he can play with EL Real under Zidane’s care, because it is his biggest dream as a footballer.

Despite having tremendous interest, but Madrid’s intention seems to be difficult to materialize as Pogba’s selling price with Manchester United is super-super expensive. Then, reportedly Zidane’s desire to bring Pogba contrary to the wishes of Florentino Perez, assessing Pogba as a player with a negative aura that could endanger the Madrid squad.

Penulis: | 26 April 2019 | blog