Pogba’s injury becomes a blessing for Manchester United, how come?

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer may feel frustrated by the fact that his flagship midfielder, Paul Pogba had to pull over again, because of an injury. However, the French player’s injury was considered to be a blessing for the Red Devils, why is that?

Pogba himself has been sidelined since last September with an ankle injury, then he had time to return to play in the match against Newcastle United and Burnley at the end of December 2018 yesterday. Unfortunately, Pogba got injure again, he too was forced to go up to the operating table and be absent for the next month.

This injury is clearly not a positive sign for Manchester United, moreover the club has also previously lost Scott McTominay who suffered a hamstring injury and must be absent for the next two months. However, specifically for Paul Pogba’s injury Manchester United claimed to be grateful, instead of feeling frustrated.

Because, with these injuries, Pogba will not automatically leave Old Trafford in the winter of January 2020. As is known, the French player reportedly attracted a number of clubs including Real Madrid and Juventus. Well, the injury suffered by Pogba is believed to make interested clubs withdraw, apart from the player’s expensive price tag.

This opinion was spoken by one of the former Manchester United players, Clayton Blackmore. According to him, Manchester United need not be disappointed with Pogba’s injury, because on one side the injury makes the player will stay at Old Trafford.

“With the injury and having to have surgery, I don’t think there will be a club that will buy it right now, so I can’t imagine going anywhere. He is still a top player. Many people criticized him, but in fact he was one of the players who seemed to be leisurely walking on the field, but still could provide a significant look,” Blackmore told Talksport.

However, he does not guarantee that next summer Pogba will stay at Manchester United.

“In my opinion, he will remain a Manchester United player until the end of the season. But I don’t know whether he will survive next season, if it is true, his departure will surprise me,” he said.

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