Pogba’s confession: play for MU is difficult, you know!

In the midst of his transfer speculation that was being heavily discussed in European media, midfielder Paul Pogba made an interesting statement. He revealed the level of difficulty playing for a team as big as Manchester United.

The Red Devils are in the spotlight, how come? They lost to city rivals, Manchester City in the Carabao Cup semifinals at Old Trafford yesterday (07/01).

The match ended with a score of 0-2 to win Citizen, which means shame for the Red Devils. But apart from prestige, there is another harsh reality that cannot be avoided, none other than their poor record in the semifinals.

For less than a year, the fact is that Manchester United have failed in 4 consecutive semifinals, including last season’s Carabao Cup semifinals, where they were beaten by Manchester City.

In other words, yesterday’s defeat made Manchester United appear to have learned nothing from their mistakes. It’s clear the fans are feeling disappointed, and Paul Pogba knows how they feel.

However, the French midfielder insisted that it was never easy to play for Manchester United.

“Playing for Manchester United is not easy and it will never be easy,” Pogba told MUTV.

However, the former Juventus player has confidence that this difficult period will end in a beautiful moment.

“When you get a defeat like this it is because it makes winning taste sweeter. Everything will be more beautiful when we go through difficult moments like this.” He said.

Furthermore, Pogba also understands the meaning of Manchester United and their fans who have long been accustomed to winning titles. Therefore, he and his colleagues will fight hard to meet the expectations of the supporters.

“Not only the fans, we also want to win trophies. This club is built on a tradition of being winners, and that’s why we want to win something big for this team.” he said.

For information, Manchester United won the last trophy in 2017 under the direction of Jose Mourinho. At that time they won the Europa League title.

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