‘Pogbaby’ surprised Old Trafford

Maria Salaues as the sexy lover of Paul Pogba has just shocked the English Premier League standings. The appearance of his lover to Old Trafford was intended to support Pogba to be able to defeat Liverpool. Salaues’s arrival was quite effective because Pogba played well, and successfully gave an additional 1 point for Manchester United.

Additional 1 point is based on the final score 0-0 draw. The interesting part is Salaues brings along their baby to Old Trafford. This appearance became the first in public, Salaues looked very careful in displaying “Pogbaby” by trying to put him to the baby’s swing.

Pogbaby, the son of Pogba and Salaues, was born last month. This birth news surprised many parties, including from Manchester United legend, Bryan Robson, who was wrong in giving congratulations. It is clear that this couple is far from reporting, they seem to avoid the invasion of the paparazzi.

Interestingly, Salaues’s attitude was to close herself to introduce herself as Pogba’s lover, even though at that time the player appeared at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and came out as champion. But everything has changed, Salaues dared to show herself as Pogba’s lover by attending Old Trafford as a form of support.

The appearance was arguably the first, and before this happened, Pogba had time to celebrate with the style of rubbing his stomach as a sign of celebrating the birth of his child. Celebration was when Pogba managed to score a goal from the spot on Brighton in January.

But unfortunately, when his little family came, Pogba was unable to score against Liverpool. Apart from all that, Manchester United deserves appreciation because they were able to maintain their unbeaten record under coach Ole Gunnar Solkjaer to 10 matches.


Penulis: | 28 Februari 2019 | wags