Pogba returns to Juventus? This is Higuain’s response

Juventus mainstay striker Gonzalo Higuain recently received a question about the potential return of French midfielder Paul Pogba to Turin. Despite not knowing whether the news was true or not, the Argentine striker claimed he was ready to welcome Pogba’s return.

Pogba himself left Juventus in the summer of 2016, after being redeemed by Manchester United for 106 Million Euros. Even now he is listed as the most expensive player at United. But since playing at Old Trafford, his performance is not as good as at Juventus. Even the French midfielder was often the target of British public criticism.

Then, Pogba was said to be starting to not like the situation in England. Since last summer, he has reportedly wanted to leave Old Trafford. Although ultimately canceled, Pogba is believed to still have the same intention. It is said that the player will move to Juve next summer.

Responding to these rumors, striker Gonzalo Higuain could not say much, he only claimed to be ready to welcome the return of Pogba.

“The best players will be welcomed here, depending on how the club’s decision is,” Higuain said curtly.

Interestingly, not a few who support Manchester United to release the former Juventus player. Including Arsenal legend, Paul Ince.

“Pogba’s return to Manchester United I don’t think is working well. He seemed less enthusiastic even though Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted to build a team around him. Even Pogba was not interested when he was made captain of Manchester United. Maybe he regrets having returned to Old Trafford,”

“Everyone will respect him if he goes and apologizes. Pogba also said that he wants to move away from MU, so forget about the romanticism of the past, “Ince said as reported by Metro.

Actually, last summer, he already wanted to move. Unfortunately, injury then befell the midfielder ahead of the closing of the transfer window. The injury made him forced to stay at Old Trafford. Rumors of his departure appeared before the opening of the winter transfer window, but again the injury befell the player.

Pogba is certain to pull over for the next month because he has to undergo surgery immediately so that the injury to his ankle can fully recover.

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