Pogba must maintain consistency for joining Real Madrid

Rumors about the future of Pogba are still a lively conversation, along with the summer transfer market that will soon open in the near future. The French player is often linked to Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid.

Pogba himself actually has many reasons why he must stay at Old Trafford, but on the one hand there are also several factors that might push him away. The first factor is the criticism that never stops him, the second is the interest of Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane.

Unfortunately, so far Pogba has never argued clearly about his future situation at Manchester United, the French midfielder tends to let speculation develop. The player never gives a rebuttal, but on the one hand also does not justify what is heard.

The situation ignited comments from his former teammate, Ander Herrera. The midfielder who now plays for Manchester United considers Pogba to be a complete player, but still unable to be consistent.

“As a footballer, Paul has everything. He can split the opposing defender, he can take the ball back, he is strong in the air, he is aggressive, he can defend, he is good at attacking, he scores goals. However, he went through a period of ups and downs in Manchester,”

“He once played a game where he really made a difference, and some other games that absolutely did not. However, for players at such high prices, you must always look extraordinary.” Thus according to Herrera to the US.

For this reason, according to Herrera, it is better for Pogba to stay at Manchester United. When you can maintain consistency, then the midfielder can join a team as big as Real Madrid.

“If he can appear consistent, of course, Madrid or other big European teams will want it. However, the case is the same as Mbappe and Neymar. “He is at one of the biggest clubs in the world and going from there is quite difficult,” he concluded.

Indeed, playing in a class of Real Madrid means taking on greater responsibility and pressure. Moreover, there are star players who are subject to criticism every week.

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