Pogba doesn’t matter his captain’s armband revoked by Mourinho

France international midfielder, Paul Pogba spoke about Jose Mourinho’s decision to revoke his captain’s armband which was pinned on him since the beginning of the season. The person in question admitted that he didn’t mind at all about the revocation of the captain’s armband, because according to Pogba, to be a leader there was no need to use the captain’s armband.

As is known, Pogba was indeed believed to be the main captain of Manchester United at the beginning of this season, following the decision of the previous captain, Michael Carrick has been hanging up from his career as a football player. Meanwhile, some parties consider that Mourinho’s decision is actually to reduce the conflict between himself and the French players.

But, it seems that the effort did not go well, precisely the news of the conflict between the manager and Pogba was increasingly talked about, because several videos circulated showing that they did not get along well. This news was further strengthened by the decision of The Special One to revoke Captain’s armband from Pogba. Of course, this decision was very shocking, but Pogba admitted that he didn’t mind at all.

According to him, to be a leader there is no need for captain’s tires, as is the case in the French national team. In the locker room, players who speak encouragingly do not have players who wear captain’s tires.

“I played for France without a goal to become a captain. You don’t need to be a captain to speak [in the locker room]. A leader is not a figure wearing a captain’s armband.”

“As a leader, you can speak loudly in the field. But I see many leaders who don’t need to speak. For example Andrea Pirlo, he didn’t talk much in the locker room, but when he was on the field he showed himself as a true leader. “Never using my captain’s armband,” said Pogba.

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