Pochettino’s admiration for Sir Alex

Although throughout his career few times achieved the European Champions League title, but the figure of Sir Alex Ferguson has been considered as one of the icons of football itself. In fact, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino claimed to admire the legendary Manchester United coach, and regarded him as the best coach of all time. Pochettino loves to have dinner with the Legend, and makes it one of the main inspirations.

Sir Alex Ferguson can be said to be the most successful coach in the history of Manchester United, as he was concerned to present many titles for the Premier League giants for 26 years as head manager of the Red Devils. Recorded 13 English Premier League titles, two European Champions League trophies, one treble winner and many other prestigious titles as if enough to illustrate how legendary Sir Alex Ferguson’s figure is.

The person himself chose to retire as Manchester United coach in 2013 ago, leaving a great legacy for the history of the club. Although in the end after Manchester United were very sultry competing in the title race, Sir Alex’s big name never faded. Many people were amazed by the achievements of the Scottish man, including Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Apart from being considered the main inspiration, Sir Alex for Pochettino is also the best coach in football history. Even Sir Alex Ferguson is football for this Argentine coach.

“That is fantastic news because he is football itself. Sir Alex is football. His involvement in United is very, very important. I had a message for him when he was sick. I can’t hide my admiration for him. He is one of the figures who most inspired me. We have had lunch together in London in 2016 and since then we are on good terms. ”

“Does Ferguson provide new energy for United? He is the best manager in football history. Being able to meet him every day is something very meaningful. He is a football encyclopedia, “Pochettino told Sky Sports.

Now, Pochettino is preparing to bring Tottenham Hotspur to a record of four consecutive wins against Manchester United, ahead of tomorrow’s meeting at Wembley.

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