Plush Homes of the Real Madrid Footballer – Cristiano Ronaldo

Who does not know Cristiano Ronaldo? No doubt, he is one of the stellar stars of the athlete who is a synonym for football. Everyone knows that without hard work-outs and stretching practice, he cannot command the mettle of the game. That is his professional side of life. But where does he relax and rejuvenate himself? The Real Madrid footballer has invested lavishly in the real estate of the highest order. Do you really want to know more details? Read on.

La Finca Mansion

The spacious mansion spreading over 8600 sq. ft has a gorgeous living area with seven bedrooms and an additional bathroom along with playrooms. The Ballon d’Or trophies are all decorated in the specially made room. The athlete par excellence dazzling dining area is his second preference for dining. The state-of-the-art kitchen preparations straight goes to his preferential bedroom in a cozy atmosphere. His routine also includes spending some time in the sprawling swimming pool.

It is needless to emphasize that a private village-like space is out of bounds for any photographers, and the surveillance cameras monitor the movement of anyone passing through. The mansion itself is completely shielded and anyone below the height of eight feet cannot even peep through the metal fence.

The plush mansion has a price tag of more than $6 million.

New York Apartment

The Trump Tower apartment measuring about 2500 sq. ft has a beautiful view of the Hudson River or the Empire State Building besides the Central Park in addition to other important landmarks.

Juan Pablo Molyneux designed the NYC apartment, and obviously, he enjoys all extravagant luxuries. The three bedroom apartment with all classic furniture along with two marble bathtubs is a reference for any plush dwelling.

You might be interested to know that the previous owner of the apartment was Alessandria Proto, an Italian tycoon and the business partner of President Donald Trump.

In addition, CR7 also own a massive property in an exclusive locale of Cheshire Village, UK. The 5-storey mansion, which was bought in 2006, has five bedrooms in addition to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym besides a cinema and a media room. It might be unfair if a mention is not made of the mirrored ceilings of the mansion. The fans of the super athlete are gloomy of the news that this property is for sale, in which case he may not play for Manchester United.

No wonder, Cristiano has invested about $93 million of his earnings in the real estate property.

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