Playing Tips for Deuces Wild Poker Casino Game

Deuces Wild is a famous variant of the video poker casino game despite having complex strategies but most of the gamblers find it easier. The players can play with few cents or even hundred bucks. In this game, they can win a good amount of progressive jackpot too. It can be played like a regular poker game but the 2s here acts as wild cards in the game. This will help in winning a greater jackpot amount.

Viable Strategies for Deuces Wild Poker

The Deuces Wild Poker game includes the following cards and follows the below-mentioned strategies. They are:

  • If the player gets 4 Deuces then they have to hold all the five cards
  • If the gamblers get 3 Deuces then either they hold five cards or they can hold five of a kind card and a royal flush
  • When the 2 Deuces appear, the gamblers can keep any of the four cards belonging to the royal flush or the two deuces. One can even hold a better hand or four of a kind hand.
  • Under One Deuce, the players can keep the only Deuce card or four cards from any of the straight flush or any of the three cards from a royal flush. The gamblers need to keep all the paying cards too.
  • When No Deuce appears, the players must hold all the paying cards. Here, the players need not hold four cards of the royal flush but the cards in hand that are paying less.

Tips to Play Deuces Wild Poker Game

Here are some of the important pointers that will help the players to know about various tips to play the Deuces Wild Poker game:

  • Use Small Amount: – It is advisable to play with the smaller amount in each round so that the players have higher chances to play more games.
  • Higher Card: – It is never advisable to discard a Deuce card in Deuce Wild Poker game.
  • Make Best Combination: – If the player has 4 Deuces then one must hold all the five cards that will make the best combination. The fifth card, however, will not make any difference.
  • Play Carefully at Slot Machines: – The gamblers must play at those slot machines that provide full payout on the Deuces Wild. They can play with maximum coins in order to get good amount in return.
  • Always Keep the Pair Card: – The players must pick the pair cards if they have to choose between the flush draw, straight card and the pair of deuces.
  • Hold on to two or More Cards: – The gamblers should not keep one card with the deuce but they must hold on to two or more cards. Even it is recommended if the player is holding any of the two cards from J, Q, K and 10 and they belong to the same suit then they must keep them.


To sum up, the players like Deuces Wild Poker game because of good number of payouts that they receive by depositing even lower amount. The right combination of Deuces Wild Cards can help in winning progressive jackpot too. Register at BetDeal to get the best tips!

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