Player with number 10 shirt become extinct, this is what Ricardo Kaka said…

The player with the no.10 role on the field has now begun to change duties, unlike before with Ricardo Kaka as an example of a player who is very ideal in that position. So, what does the Brazilian legend say about this fact?

It has to be admitted that Ricardo Kaka is either one of the best players in the no.10 role on the pitch, or the stint as a playmaker who works right behind the main striker.

In that position, this Brazilian legend has proven his success while defending AC Milan. During that period, he had an outstanding Vision, Creativity and quality of passes in creating opportunities.

Indeed, there are some players who have similarities with Kaka after the end of his era such as Mesut Ozil, Coutinho, Isco, James Rodriguez and many more.

However, these players in today’s era no longer play the same role. In other words, the role of no.10 has started to be abandoned, what is the cause?

Kaka himself who is an expert in this matter cannot deny this fact, even though according to him player no. 10 plays a crucial role in creating opportunities and maintaining team balance.

“We don’t have the classic no.10 player anymore. I’ve seen a change in the game. The situation is awkward because it doesn’t mean players like that don’t exist, only that other positions are seen as more important.”

“Instead, now we have a 4-3-3 formation where the three midfielders are box to box,” Kaka told Sky Sports.

Kaka then assumed that this change actually occurred due to the tight defense of the opposing team. The team’s defensive line is now starting to be increased so as to limit the movements of the No.10 player, as a result the role seems to be starting to be abandoned.

“Now it is quite important to put up a high defensive line. When the defensive line is high, the empty space becomes narrower, so player no.10 no longer has room to think about the game.”

“Previously there was a little room because the defender was afraid the player could make a deadly pass. That opened up the field a little,” continued Kaka.

In other words, the classic No.10 role as exemplified by Kaka is one of the ‘victims’ of the progress of the football era.

Penulis: | 10 Desember 2020 | blog