Pjanic: Juve’s target never change all season

Miralem Pjanic did not reduce his ambition to be able to give the biggest prize to Juventus. This ambition certainly does not change from the previous season, which wants to deliver Juventus won the highest title in the European continent, the Champions League.

As far as the eye can see, Juventus with the Champions League are considered unmatched. It has been recorded nine times they have advanced to the final round. However, only two titles were able to be won and returned to Turin.

The 2017 season is Juventus’ final in the Champions League. At that time, Juve met with the champions in a row, Real Madrid. The hot party really became hot for Juventus themselves, where they had to defeat a landslide defeat 1-4.

Pjanic is one of the players who felt the heat of the final party. Playing for 71 minutes, the player finally felt how the team that did not achieve anything. However, failure does not make the player heartbroken.

All of this was clearly recorded when every time he was asked about his big ambitions at Juventus, he always answered that he won the Champions League. That ambition is still going on until now, all of that is sought again in this season with a big plan to return the Champions League trophy to the championship cupboard of Juventus.

“My biggest ambition and dream here is to win the Champions League and lift the trophy to the sky. I hope to achieve it this season, “said Pjanic.

On the Serie A stage itself, Juventus are still superior with the last time a narrow 1-2 win over Inter Milan. Playing at Giuseppe Meazza on Monday morning, Pjanic was one of the witnesses to the victory. The match was running hot, he realized that the match would not go smoothly.

So it’s true that Antonio Conte’s foster children provide a super-hot resistance. Despite that emphasis, Pjanic knew that his team deserved to reap three points from the match.

“It’s clear that we deserved to win at Inter 2-1 and finally return to first place. I think our team is the best in Italy and since Sunday we are at the top, which is our proper place,”

“Our goal is to win every trophy, because that is the target of Juve, one of the three or four of the best clubs in the world. We not only set a high target this season, but also every year, and this season nothing has changed, “concluded Pjanic.

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