Pirlo’s opinion on Messi which is not at his best performance this season

Barcelona captain and icon, Lionel Messi still can’t show his best performance at the start of this season. This fact makes Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo interested in commenting.

Messi himself almost left Barcelona in the transfer market last summer, leaving a one-year contract. Unfortunately Barcelona did not approve of his departure, so he was forced to stay with the rest of the contract.

Although in the end he survived, but Messi’s appearance on the field did seem to have decreased. This is also evident from a statistical point of view, where he has only scored four goals in nine La Liga matches.

In fact, three of the four goals were created from the penalty spot, not showing how Messi always scores beautiful and classy goals.

However, Andrea Pirlo does not feel that Messi’s ability has decreased, it’s just that the Juventus coach thinks what happened last summer has more or less affected his performance.

“Messi is currently undergoing a special moment in his life, not in his career because of the problems last summer. The matter of whether he stays or leaves Barcelona,”

“But during matches, he always shows quality. Messi’s problem is more than just football, but psychological. But I do not want to discuss it further, because it is not our business.” Pirlo said quoted from Marca.

Regardless, the former AC Milan and Juventus player still thinks of Messi as a phenomenal player from what he has done so far.

“Messi is a phenomenon and he has proven it.” He said.

Interestingly, Juventus will face Messi et al in the last matchdays of the European Champions League group stage. The match is planned to take place on Wednesday morning WIB (09/12).

Both Juventus and Barcelona have both secured tickets to the last 16. It’s just that, Barcelona still leads the standings by just three points from Juventus.

In other words, the super big match meeting will later determine who is the leader of the standings.

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